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That Willowz Feelin'

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Check out for a clip of their video for "I Wonder" and a live clips of the songs "Keep On Lookin" and "The End Song." And keep checking the official site as well for an upcoming mp3 of the new Willowz single titled "Vagabondage."
Also make sure to request the Willowz on indie 103.1 by calling (877) 452-1031 or e-mailing
Past News:
The Willowz have finished shooting their video for "I Wonder" with director Michel Gondry and have also recorded two new songs for a split 7 inch with The Distraction on Unity Squad Records.
The Willowz songs will be on the soundtrack for the new Jim Carrey movie titled "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." The two tracks on the soundtrack are "Meet Your Demise" and "Something."
Buy the Willowz 7 inch and full length at any of these stores:
7708 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
phone: (323) 655-2125 / fax: (323) 655-6125
mail order:

6400 Sunset Blvd.
(323) 245-6400

Huntington Beach, CA
3818 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
Fullerton, CA 
-on Harbor
Uptown Whittier, CA
Also, go to for an mp3 of "Meet Your Demise" and request the Willowz on your local radio station!
Written By Richie:
     the Willowz 9 song full length is due to be released jan.1st. it was recorded a year ago in paul kostabis mothers garage. it was also supposed to be released a year ago but it took a while for the Willowz to get what they wanted on their own terms, so it was worth the wait. it will be released on dionysus records in cd and vinyl format and a 7-inch split with the Mutes from san diego should follow soon after (of newly recorded material). not all the songs recorded in the garage are on the record so hopefully they will be able to put out more ep's and 7 inchs in the near future.
    the Willowz will also be on the upcoming Skratch magazine dvd comp of bands. so be sure to pick it up to see the Willowz AMAZING!!! video of "meet your demise".
    the Willowz are planning a 5 city tour with the Mutes in the winter so be sure to check out the web site for tour updates!!!
    the Willowz show w/ THE BRIEFS, EPOXIES, and THE SKULLS at showcase theatre was great! for those of you that missed the show dont feel bad. most Willowz fans did due to the fact the Willowz were asked a day before to play the show! so dont forget to check the show schedule everyday!!!!!!