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That Willowz Feelin'

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The Willowz are made up of Richie on vocals and guitar, Jessica on bass, and Alex on drums. They are from Anaheim and were first formed by Richie when he taught Jessica how to play bass. In the summer of 2002 Richie was in New York and wrote and recorded some songs with producer Paul Kostabi. At the end of the summer Richie returned to Anaheim and he and Jessica began looking for a drummer. While at a party Richie met Alex and the three of them made up the perfect combination for the Willowz.

Playing guitar since he was around the age of 15, Richie has been in a number of bands including the Deloreans and Latch Key Creeps. He grew up in San Francisco, then lived in Italy and finally Anahiem.

Jessica grew up in Anaheim and besides being an awesome bass player she is a painter.

Alex also grew up in Anaheim and has been in bands around Orange County.

The Willowz have released a 7 inch on Wanker Records in Germany and also a 7 inch on Posh Boy Records. Currently they have two producers they work with, one being Paul Kostabi who has been in bands like Psychotica, Youth Gone Mad, and Hamerbrain, and the second being Jason Carmer who produced the Donnas and Third Eye Blind.


"They're a trio who know how the sculpt the perfect two-minute rock tune."


OC Weekly, April 2003


"The guitars and are loud and crunchy and grab you right away and the drums sit neatly in the mix. They employ a 2,000 year-old guitar riff and still make it sound exciting. There's nothing inherently wrong with mining the vaults of late 60's rock if you do it well, and "Think Again" pushes all the right buttons."

Delusions of Adequacy, April 2003


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